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Characterizing the Earth's patterns

Karen Elaine Fisher Favret

Spatial Temporal Earth, LLC


November 2011


Cornell University, Ithaca NY                                Ph.D.  Aug, 2002

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology-- Biological Oceanography

Dalhousie University, Halifax NS                            M.Sc. Apr, 1996

Biological Oceanography

University of California, Berkeley CA                        A.B. Dec, 1991

Earth Science and Economics


Spatial Temporal Earth, LLC,  Sole Proprietor                    2010-present

Event-based analysis of ocean color imagery/IC Consultant

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Technical Staff Member            2005-2009

Office of the Chief Scientist IPA to Intelligence Community    2007-2009

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Postdoctoral Research Associate        2003-2005

Physics-based analysis of dynamic experimentation and simulation

San Francisco State University, Lecturer-Romberg Tiburon Center        2002-2003

(Postdoc) Historical analysis of plankton distributions in San Francisco Bay


Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. Visiting Scientist                    2002-present

NASA Earth System Science Fellowship                        1998-2001

Volumetric Assessment of Factors Governing Seasonal and Interannual

Fluxes of Phytoplankton on Georges Bank 1994 to 1999 and

Application to SeaWiFS Data for New Production Calculations

Cornell Biogeochemistry Research Training Grant                      1997, 2000, 2001

Stable Isotope Ratios determined by Mass Spec. used in relating trophic

interactions to spatial/temporal variation in plankton composition

Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. Visiting Student Advisor Peter Wiebe        1996, 1999-2002

Sigma Xi Travel Grant for presentation of MSc. Research                 1997 (Feb)

U.S. Antarctic Program/ U.C. Santa Barbara Intern                1996 (Jan-Mar)

Long Term Ecological Research Program:  Palmer Station & R/V Polar Duke

Bioacoustical Oceanography Workshop UCSC                    1995, 1996

Applying basic principles of active & passive acoustics

NASA/University of Maryland Summer Fellowship                1992 (Jun-Aug)

Program in Remote Sensing of the Oceans, Advisor Chuck McClain

Cal on Campus Internship, U.C. Berkeley Office of the President            1990

Community Service

MetroDogs Community Canine SAR Team coordinator                2007-present

Reading to Dogs & Therapy dog handler                        2004-present

Mountain Canine Corps SAR dog handler                    2003-2007

Pajarito Mountain Ski Patrol and K9 SAR                    2003-2009

Research Societies

American Geophysical Union (AGU), American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO), Sigma Xi , The Oceanography Society (TOS), Acoustical Society of America (ASA)


Fisher, K.E., J.R. Kamm, A. Davis, 2005,  “Towards Validation Metrics in Fluid Dynamical Simulations Based on Wavelet Transforms and Multifractal Analyses”, in Proceedings from Fractals in Engineering 2005 (CDROM).

Fisher, K.E., P.H. Wiebe, B.D. Malamud, 2004, “Fractal Characterization of Local Hydrographic and Biological Scales of Patchiness on Georges Bank”, in Handbook of Scaling Methods in Aquatic Ecology: Measurement, Analysis, Simulation, L. Seuront and P.G. Strutton eds., CRC Press, Boca Raton,  pp. 297-320. LA-UR-03-5013
Fisher, K. and Kimmerer, W., 2004, “Fractal distributions of temperature, salinity and fluorescence in Spring 2001-2002 in South San Francisco Bay”, in Thinking in Patterns: Fractals and Related Phenomena in Nature, M.M. Novak, ed. World Scientific, New Jersey, pp. 199-211.  LA-UR-03-7509

Fisher, K.E, 2002, Intermittency in Spatial and Temporal Plankton Patterns, PhD dissertation, Cornell University. (also poster: AGU fall meeting 2002)

Fisher, K.E., 1995,  A Global New Production Estimate Based on Nitrate Entrained by Seasonal Fluctuations in Mixed Layer Depth, M.Sc. Thesis, Dalhousie University.

Research Cruises  (duration and destination)

Research vessels: R/V Albatross, R/V Oceanus, R/V Endeavor, R/V Revelle, R/V Edwin Link, R/V Polaris, R/V Questuary, R/V David Johnston, Fishing vessel: F/V Isabel S; Research Ice Breaker: RVIB Nathaniel B Palmer

2004    EN331- test cruise for high frequency acoustic backscatter detection of microstructure

2003/2     USGS San Francisco Bay monitoring; RTC South San Francisco Bay monitoring

2001    NBP0103, NBP0104 (45 days, Western Antarctic Peninsula) GLOBEC Survey cruises

1999     AL9901, EN320, AL9906 (10-14 days, Georges Bank) GLOBEC Broadscale cruises

EL9904, EL9905 (8 & 20 days, Southern flank Georges Bank) GLOBEC Process cruises

EN330, EN331 (10 days, Gulf of Maine) GLOBEC Process cruises

NAGL98-01B (8 days, Stellwagen Bank) National Undersea Research Center

1998     AL9801, OC319, AL9808 (10-14 days, Georges Bank) GLOBEC Broadscale cruises

OC332, OC334, (10 days, Gulf of Maine) GLOBEC Process cruises

1997     Kiwi-01 (7 days, Monterey Bay) Bioacoustical Oceanography Workshop; EN307 (10 days Gulf of Maine)


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